Sex education doesn't magically happen

Sexual education is the purview of every participant involved in providing sexual education, including community groups. The government can no longer ignore the essential role of community organizations in this learning, and must ensure that they are represented on the committee which analyzes the compulsory content in sexual education.

While striving for greater collaboration between the government and community groups on this issue, the members of the ÉduSex Coalition are uniting to demand the implementation of measures that guarantee the right to quality sexual education for young Quebecers.

Demand 01

Increase funding for quality sexual education.

Funding to schools

Provide schools with sufficient financial resources to properly supervise teachers and counsellors who offer the mandatory content in sexuality education.

What will the funds be used for?

  • provide more hours dedicated to sexual education
  • provide more resources for professionals and students
  • offer more hours of training
Funding of community organizations

Provide additional funds to community groups with expertise in sexual education in order to support schools in teaching the content.

  • For several years, community organizations have made up for the lack of sexuality education courses in schools, which is why their presence in schools and, above all, around decision-making tables is necessary.
  • Several community groups specialize in issues that are rarely addressed in the compulsory content in sexual education and their intersectional approach ensures a more complete representation of lived experiences. This vital expertise is a resource that cannot be ignored.
Demand 02

Implement adequate support systems for educators so they can develop the proficiency and sensitivity to address the various issues

Initial training

Ensure that the educators who deliver the compulsory content receive initial training by sexual education professionals, including community organizations, in order to develop the necessary skills to provide sexual education that is positive, inclusive, and anti-oppressive.

Adequate pre-service training helps, among other things, to reduce the feeling of fear of being confronted with situations where the teacher does not have the knowledge or tools to answer students' questions.

Ongoing training

Provide in-service training for teachers and practitioners to ensure that the content reflects the complexity of the issues surrounding sexuality education.

Ongoing training allows educators to regularly revisit the information included in the compulsory content. As the topics explored can be complex and rapidly evolving, it is important that those who are teaching the content have access to additional and up-to-date information.

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